Why We do What We Do? Teaching is our Passion.

My name is Véronique Van Goethem and I am the owner and director of FrancoLangues Inc., which is a French language school that prides itself on integrity, honesty, transparency and results for our students. I am a native of France who is passionate about the French language and love teaching and sharing my passion with everyone one of my students.

All of us at FrancoLangues believe in the same vision: Providing a conducive learning environment through excellence and commitment while taking pride in investing the time and focus necessary to understand and listen to each student independently to customize and individualize each lesson to ensure best practices and results.

As the owner and director, I play an active role daily in the school to ensure the highest level of commitment from our team and results for our students. I am the trusted interface between my school, my teachers, our students and their parents.

Merci and Welcome to FrancoLangues



FrancoLangues, a French language training school passionate and dedicated to the love of teaching. We have at heart the wellbeing and success of everyone of our students!

Our Vision:

To be the most Trusted, Valued and Sought After French Language Training provider in Ottawa.

Our Mission:

The mission is provided by Education through Excellence and Commitment. We will achieve our Vision working with a team of dedicated and committed teachers striving to provide personalized and individualized training through excellence to ensure the success of each of our student.

Our Culture:

  • Excellence
  • Team Work
  • Quality
  • Professionalism
  • Flexibility

  • Personalized
  • Communication
  • Transparency
  • Integrity


Our Office:

  • Francolangues Office

  • Francolangues Office

  • Francolangues Office

  • Francolangues Office

  • Francolangues Office

  • Francolangues Office

  • Francolangues Office



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