TEF Canada / TEFaQ Test d’évaluation de français

The TEF Canada and TEFaQ are French language proficiency tests recognized by the Ministère de l’Immigration de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI) as a measure of proficiency for its Certificat de Sélection du Québec (CSQ) immigration selection process, as well as Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) for its citizenship selection process.

In general, the requirements of the Minister of Immigration are:

  • Canadian Citizenship: listening and speaking during the same session of TEF Canada.
  • Federal Canadian immigration programs: reading comprehension, listening, writing and speaking during the same session of TEF Canada.
  • Immigration Quebec: at the discretion of the TEFAQ candidate.

These tests contains four sections/ evaluations:
– Oral Comprehension (40 minutes)
– Oral Expression (15 minutes)
– Written Comprehension (60 minutes)
– Written Expression (60 minutes)

The following fees are associated with each component of the test. The total test fee will vary according to each candidate’s selection.

Please note that the test centre is not authorized to provide information regarding the number of evaluations you must complete, as these requirements vary between candidates. It is your responsibility to select all evaluations that you require.

  • Oral Comprehension: $75.00
  • Oral Expression: $125.00
  • Written Comprehension: $95.00
  • Written Expression: $95.00

The Dates:

Tuesday 21st January 2020 at 4pm (registration end date Monday 13th January)

Tuesday 4th February 2020 at 4pm (registration end date Monday 27th January )

Tuesday 18th February 2020 at 4pm (registration end date Monday 10th of February)

Tuesday March 17th 2020 at 4pm (registration end date Tuesday 10th March)

Tuesday 31st March 2020 at 4pm (registration end date Monday 23rd March)

No refund or credit will be granted under any circumstances past the aforementioned deadlines



After the identity check, the head of the official centre or the invigilator(s) will take an identification picture of each candidate and direct candidates to their assigned seats in the examination room.

Starting Nov. 1st, 2019, the reading, listening tests will be computer-based only. Candidates must leave their piece of ID visibly on the table for the entirety of the test so that identity checks can be performed throughout the test.

During the entire examination, no exits will be permitted, unless in case of emergency or health issue previously informed by the candidate and justified with a medical certificate.

During the entirety of the exams, communication amongst candidates or the outside will not be permitted.

Candidates arriving late will not be allowed in the examination room once the examination has started.