FrancoLangues | School French Tutoring in Ottawa

Give Your Children Confidence in their Abilities!

Our Individual and Personalized French tuitions focus on giving the confidence and knowledge needed to succeed inside the classroom.

Lessons & School homework support :

  • Develop Oral, Reading and Writing skills
  • Reinforce knowledge and communication skills
  • Help and support with homework
  • Teach effective study methods

Catch-up classes :

  • Raise the student’s level
  • Catch-up classes
  • Work with the student to establish a learning plan
  • Adapt teaching methodology to the student’s learning style and needs

Summer classes :

  • Assessment to define student’s difficulties
  • Go over all linguistic issues and fill in the gaps
  • Reinforce acquired knowledge and skills
  • Establish effective study methods
  • Reinforce students’ confidence, ready to start the next school year

School French Tutoring

Give Your Children Confidence with French Tutoring! Contact our head of tutoring department: or tel: 613-262-1822