School French Tutoring

Give Your Children Confidence in their Abilities!

Our Individual and Personalized French tuitions focus on giving the confidence and knowledge needed to succeed inside the classroom.

Lessons & School homework support :

  • Develop Oral, Reading and Writing skills
  • Reinforce knowledge and communication skills
  • Help and support with homework
  • Teach effective study methods

Catch-up classes :

  • Raise the student’s level
  • Catch-up classes
  • Work with the student to establish a learning plan
  • Adapt teaching methodology to the student’s learning style and needs

Summer classes :

  • Assessment to define student’s difficulties
  • Go over all linguistic issues and fill in the gaps
  • Reinforce acquired knowledge and skills
  • Establish effective study methods
  • Reinforce students’ confidence, ready to start the next school year

School French Tutoring

Give Your Children Confidence with French Tutoring! Contact our head of tutoring department: or tel: 613-262-1822